Intro to CNC Routing - 4 Classes and 4 Open Labs, $120

Have you ever had a project that you wished you had access to CNC router or would you just like to learn how to operate one? Well here is your chance. We are offering instruction in how to run a ShobBot CNC router starting with the creation of 2D and 3D files. You will also learn the machine's interface software as well as learn about different speeds, feeds and cutting options. You will have the opportunity to cut your own files and learn how to secure your work with jigs, cams, or mechanical means.

This class is a prerequisite for purchasing additional time to operate the machine on your own.

Intro to 3D Printing - 4hr Class, $60

3D printing has caught the media's attention lately. The possibilities are very exciting. Come and learn the basics of 3D printing as well as basic 3D CAD and ho to convert your files to print on the SolidDoodle 3D printer. See your ideas come to life! Upon completion of the class you will be approved to utilize our 3D printer for any of your own projects or ideas (subject to membership rates*).

Intro to Woodworking Machine Tools and Furniture Design - 6 Classes and 6 Open Labs, $140

Come and lean some new skills through a series of demonstrations and safety instruction. Work on a project of your choosing. Topics covered: tool safety, design and layout. Demonstrations in advanced skills in: vacuum bagging, steam bending, veneering, laminating and more.

*Material surcharges apply based on size of the part that you will print.

Future Classes